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Friday, March 9, 2012

happy birthday best friends forever (:


this entry special for my BFF . i hope u like it .

6th March ,

Nurul Azhani Azhari , happy birthday my dear ! 
best of luck for your final starting from 13 of march till 31 of march .
wish u get the becoming result with flying colors .
i hope you will success in your life .
be a good child for your parent . and the important thing , make your parent proud of you .

9th of March ,
Suraidah Riduan , Happy Birthday syg !
best wishes for you as a commander ,and starting new sems .
hope you were enjoy the commanders' life and don't ever give up on what you do .
be a good child , friend and muslimah .
i do love u till the end . thanks for everything . 

i love u both . 
hope our friendship till the end of our life .
no one can replace both of you . 
your sincerely ,
i love you girls <3

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